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Researching the Benefits of Vitamin D for our Bodies

Do you often think to yourself, “Did I get enough Vitamin D today?” Chances are, no, you don’t think this. Vitamin D often gets overlooked in our dietary lives. A lot of the time we are focusing on what will help us lose weight, or what will help us reduce symptoms of some certain ailment we are facing, but what we don’t know is that research has shown that Vitamin D can aid in these and much more. Vitamin D can be considered a multi-tasker with a plethora of benefits for our bodies.


Observational studies have found a link between Vitamin D and mood levels in older adults. In these studies, it was found that Vitamin D deficiency could be a risk-factor for depression brought on later in life. Participants who took Vitamin D supplementation were found to have an increase in their mood levels.


Research has shown that Vitamin D benefits the body’s musculoskeletal functions. Again, with our Vitamin D deficient lifestyles, people can be more prone to fractures and muscle weakness. A study found that daily Vitamin D supplementation reduced hip and non-spinal fractures by 20%. Sufficient Vitamin D levels help with bone mineralization and keeps them from softening as we get older.

Vitamin D


Another study sought out to find an association between Vitamin D and general mortality. In the study, populations had their Vitamin D levels checked and were separated based on their Vitamin D statuses. The population with the higher status results had lower mortality rates than the population that was considered Vitamin D deficient. This study’s purpose was to generally associate Vitamin D status levels with risk factors related to mortality.

Heart Health

The heart “flexes” its muscle with the help of Vitamin D. Over time, like other muscles, the heart can become weaker and even damaged. That, compounded with a Vitamin D deficiency can cause problems in the long run. Studies found that men who were Vitamin D deficient were twice as likely to suffer a heart attack. It’s no surprise here that Vitamin D deficiency is linked to heart issues.

Vitamin D

The list can go on and on about what research says about Vitamin D and its preventative properties, but the benefits outlined are reason enough for you to make sure that your Vitamin D levels are up to par. In this day and age and with the modern lifestyles we live, it’s not hard for us to become deficient. Speak to your doctor about testing and how you can combat Vitamin D deficiency. They may even recommend changes in diet or Vitamin D supplementation.

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