Are There Any Valid Reasons for Not Using Dietary Supplements?

Are There Any Valid Reasons for Not Using Dietary Supplements?  Greg Pryor

I apologize for the leading headline but I was trying to get you to read at least the first paragraph of my short article.  My short answer to the question is that, in my opinion, there is NO reason for anyone to not use at least one dietary supplement.  I began using a supplement in the late ’60’s when I was in high school.  My mom put a little red “One A Day” multiple vitamin pill next to my dinner plate and told me to take it after I ate. I have been taking some supplements all my career, but I didn’t understand why I should be using dietary supplements until 1991—-24 years later!

In ’91, I was introduced to the great value of using dietary supplements by a friend.  After I analyzed the product line offered by Company A, I became a distributor.  However, after 3 years of successful marketing of Company A products, my wife, Michelle, and I decided to form our own company,  We began offering the same products (but with the Life Priority label) offered by Company A.

Initially, I had joined Company A because I began using nutritional formulas called Designer Foods®.  The Designer Foods® were formulated by 2 famous nutritional research scientists, Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw®.  Michelle and I KNEW that the Designer Food® ONE PER MEAL LIFEGUARD – Multivitamin with 25 essential nutrients formulas worked since we felt better soon after we began using them!

Now, after talking to users and non-users of supplements for the last 25 years, I have come to the following conclusions.   Many users do not know what supplements to take, how much to take and when to use them.   Many non-users reason that “supplements don’t work”, “they cost too much”, “they go right through you”, “I get what I need from my diet”, “I am allergic to them”.

There are a few givens in this life.  We are all aging.  Getting the right nutrients in our diet can slow up the aging process.  Most of us do not get enough of the essential nutrients in our daily diet. If we become sick, mentally or physically, we do not enjoy life as much and can be a burden on our family.

Please visit our company, Life Priority, at  If you want to discuss anything about your use (or non-use) of dietary supplements, email us at  We will give you a free consultation regarding your current use of supplements and offer suggestions on what you might add to your diet to help you live a healthier life with more mental and physical energy.

To Your Health- Greg Pryor, President Life Priority Inc.  MLB Alumni 1971-1986

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