Auto Re-Order Program

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Save up to​ 15%* with Automatic Re-order Program for Life Priority “Lifeaholics!”

Life is good as a “Lifeaholic.” Life Priority offers a convenient Automatic Re-order Program (ARP), with a special discount of up to 25% of retail price on select products. ARP customers specify what products they want and on what schedule they want them (1st or 15th). Customers can cancel their ARP plan anytime, and no contracts are involved*. It’s just another way Life Priority can help you conveniently meet your nutritional health needs! * Please notify 14 days in advance to change or cancel of the ARP program.*

To learn more or to sign up for the Automatic Re-order Program please contact us at: 1-800-787-5438 for your free consultation.

Healthcare Professionals–Bulk Orders and Special Discounts

Life Priority appreciates your business and offers discounts on higher volume orders. Whether you’re meeting the needs of your entire family, or ordering product for the entire year, Life Priority can fill your order. Bulk order discounts cannot be applied on top of other existing offers.

Healthcare Professionals or resellers are considered wholesale. *Wholesale customers must have proof of valid tax identification.* Please call:800-787-5838 to have your account set up.

  • 12+ Bottles of same product (Case12): 15% Off!
  • 36+ Bottles: Wholesale (please call for pricing) Tax Id. required.

*Please contact Life Priority within 48 hours of receipt if you have a product that is damaged, lost in transit, or an incomplete shipment.

Failure to note any discrepancies for a shipment may cause your claim to be denied.

email or call direct at 1-800-787-5438