Keys To Improve Your Gut Health

Here are 7 keys to improve your gut health:

1. Lower the stress levels in your life.
2. Get enough quality, uninterrupted sleep.
3. Eat slowly.
4. Stay hydrated.
5. Consider taking a prebiotic or probiotic.
6. Check for food intolerances or foods that trigger bloating, abdominal pain, gas, nausea, acid reflux, and more.
7. Change your diet by reducing the amount of processed, sugary, and high fat foods.

Getting Started
Begin by taking steps to improve your overall health. Include more fiber-rich foods in your diet, get enough sleep, and strive to manage your stress levels. Be sure to include a quality multi-vitamin/mineral supplement like Life Priority’s LIFESHIELD™. A good multiple vitamin and quality enzymes work together hand in hand to benefit your gut health.

Because gut microbiome impact whole-body health, a healthy gut can contribute to:
• Heart health
• Brain health
• A strong immune system
• Quality sleep
• Effective digestion
• Improved mood
• Potential can help prevent some autoimmune diseases and some cancers

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