Our Brands

Our Brands

Making the highest quality supplements available to our customers.


NutriCrafters LLC is a manufacturer of nutritional formulas available in capsules, powders, liquids, dry beverage drink mixes. We manufacture products for many brands including our own consumer brand available through NutriStand Our customers are those looking for fresh high purity products made from top quality ingredients

Transformation Enzyme Corporation (TEC)

From the very beginning of its history, Transformation Enzyme Corporation (TEC) has been dedicated to the idea that everyone is entitled to the most healthy and vital lifestyle that they are capable of obtaining.

Transformation™ was established by DicQie Fuller, D.Sc., Ph.D., ND, when she formulated her own line of enzyme-based dietary supplements in May 1991. She chose the name “Transformation” for her high quality enzyme formulations. Today we sell to health professionals, clinics, and pharmacies worldwide. What was once a basic product line has increased to include many different formulations, many of which are available for private label. Supported by an Advisory Board that is the envy of the industry, our nutritional research and development team continues to develop and test new product concepts to further meet the needs of health professionals.

Life Extension

With Life Extension products, you can count on the highest quality, backed by science, and formulated using only the finest ingredients. When you put something in your body, you should have complete confidence you’re getting the nutritional benefits your body deserves. At Life Extension, The Science of a Healthier Life means we deliver exceptional products and real results.


Uqora was created by a chronic UTI sufferer (Jenna Ryan) and her biochemist husband (Spencer Gordon) who were both fed up with the tiring cycle of UTIs. Desperate to get ahead of the problem, Jenna was told repeatedly that there was little she could do. This experience inspired Jenna and Spencer to start Uqora. In collaboration with doctors and scientists, the couple began formulating effective urinary tract health products. Today, Uqora specializes in UTI education, UTI relief products and proactive urinary tract health supplements. Uqora is available exclusively at Uqora’s website.