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  • ONE PER MEAL LIFEGUARD – Multivitamin with 25 essential nutrients

ONE PER MEAL LIFEGUARD – Multivitamin with 25 essential nutrients

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ONE-PER-MEAL LIFEGUARD™ is a high-quality, research-based multivitamin that is packed with 26 different essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are important to maintain a healthy immune system.*

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One-Per-Meal LifeGuard is a Life Priority- Designer Food Formula by Life Extension Scientists Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw. Lifeguard is multi-vitamin and mineral anti-oxidant supplement formulated for general nutrition needs and immune system support.

One-Per-Meal LifeGuard contains 26 essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that may show significant beneficial effects on health. One Per Meal Lifeguard is a great nutritional insurance policy to fill in the gaps of your diet. High levels of B3,B6 B12 vitamins and niacin(B3) make One Per Meal Lifeguard the perfect support for your health.

A Designer Food Formula by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw.

One-Per-Meal LifeGuard is an antioxidant vitamin.

SUGGESTED USE: For adults only. As a dietary supplement, take one capsule three times a day, after meals.

 One-Per-Meal LifeGuard

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 in


  1. Greg t.

    I have been a loyal Life Priority customer since 1994. I love the company and the products. I have followed Life Extension scientist for over 30 years-Life Priority and Pearson-Shaw are a great match.
    Never too late to invest in your health!
    Thanks you Life Priority for your integrity and attention to great supplements! A true Lifeguard!

  2. Ron D.

    I started using Lifeguard 3 years ago on the advice of a friend who raved about how great a multivitamin Lifeguard is. I am in great health and love the Lifeguard too! Never sick anymore and I work long hours!

    Thank- you Life Priority for wonderful products and great customer service- Ron D.
    Life Priority Customer for Life!

  3. Mkel L (verified owner)

    I love Life Priority Lifeguard. I met Greg Pryor at Royals Stadium 5 years ago and he gave me his card. I need help with my diet-after a phone conversation with Greg I bought the Lifeguard and have been using it ever since. I have found that Lifeguard has help me from getting sick. I have to watch my money so I try to buy on the very best investment I could make.
    I work at a factory and many people are struggling to stay healthy-Not me!

    I love the Lifeguard and the Joint Decision-
    Thanks you Greg Pryor & Life Priority for your great products! Mike L Kansas City , Mo

  4. Sam Miller

    I started to used Life Priority Lifeguard about 4 years ago after a driend suggested Lifeguard-“He said he never gets colds or flu any more”.
    Well I ordered 2 bottles of Lifeguard for myself and I have been not been sick for over 4 years now.
    I am sold on Life Priority and Lifeguard.
    The Life Priority customer service is great and the Lifeguard is awesome.

    I also use the Lift-Total Joint Complex and the Omega3 Priority!
    Sam Miller

  5. Lillie W (verified owner)

    Lifeguard is a great product and is our top seller! Lifeguard is the #1 vitmain our customers prefer.

  6. Elizabeth B.

    I have been taking Lifeguard for over 10 health is at the best ever.
    Lifeguard is the best multivitamin I have ever used. Thank you Life Priority for supplying this great Durk Pearson product!

  7. R Klein (verified owner)

    My neighbor shared life Priority Lifeguard with my family when my son got poison ivy.
    It worked great in a very short period of time. I know Lifeguard has been great for my whole family as an immune system builder. I have a Lifeguard for my family!

  8. L. Weaver (verified owner)

    We have used Lifeguard for our entire family for the past 14 years. We have found it is the best multivitamin for us. We hardly ever get sick with anything. Lifeguard is our #1 choice for a multi-vitamin!

  9. M. Weber

    I have been a Life Priority customer since 1995 and i trust the Life Priority products.

    I use the Joint-Decision,Lifeguard,Lift and Muscle Memory every day.

    I am investing my money in my health!

  10. M. Schrock (verified owner)

    We have been using Lifeguard for over 7 years. We love the immune support and have found it help with poison ivy rash too!

  11. M. Hall

    My doctor told me to take a high quality multivitamin and I chose Lifeguard!

  12. D. Lafoon

    Lifeguard has been a great multivitamin for me and my health. My doctor suggested it for me and I have been using it ever since.

  13. EKnecht

    Lifeguard is a very great vitamin and the only supplement I take at 84!
    My doctor is happy that I take Lifeguard as it helps me get the nutrients I need.

  14. J Schwartz (verified owner)

    Our doctor told us Lifeguard was a very excellent multiple vitamin for our family. We have used the Lifeguard for many years and feel it is a excellent product.

  15. Wi.Touray

    I have used One Per Meal Lifeguard for over 10 years. I am glad my doctor suggested Lifeguard for me I am very healthy and active. Lifeguard is perfect for me. I take one capsule with each meal and feel great.

  16. M Sharp

    Lifeguard helps me keep my immune system strong. I rarely get colds and never get the flu. I dont take flu shots either.

  17. S.Miner

    I have compared many vitamins to Lifeguard. I find the One Per Meal Lifeguard to be the best one I have ever used. I love the science and the integrity of Life Priority!

  18. E.Thompson

    I have been using Lifeguard for over 15 years.
    I know lifeguard supports the gaps in my diet. I feel great..thanks to my Lifeguard from Life Priority!

  19. L. Williams (verified owner)

    I am a Senior Marathon runner and a casino host with long hours and a tough schedule. I eat fresh and whole foods but I insure my diet with One Per Meal Lifeguard. I have researched supplements my whole like and I know the Lifeguard has been a great addition to my overall health!

  20. E. Turner

    I admire the high quality on the One per meal Lifeguard! I have been using Lifeguard for over 3 years and I feel great. If you aren’t taking a Lifeguard your not protecting your immune system.

  21. M Warner (verified owner)

    I took the label from Lifeguard to my MD over 6 years ago he agreed it was a very good multi-vitamin. I have been using Lifeguard ever since. I rarely ever get sick and feel Lifeguard has been a great addition to my health!

  22. J. Zehr (verified owner)

    As healthcare practioner, I personally use Lifeguard myself and I encourage all my customers to use Lifeguard too! I feel Lifeguard is the best multivitamin to support a healthy immune system. I am an advocate for health and wellness. Lifeguard is at the base of my health foundation.

  23. S. Petersheim (verified owner)

    We buy One Per Meal Lifeguard for our family.
    We feel Lifeguard has help us stay healthy and not get sick very often.

  24. Ella M (verified owner)

    I have used one Per Meal Lifeguard for many years. My doctor said it is the best multivitamin. We hardly ever get sick. I beleive the Lifeguard is the reason for my family’s good health.

  25. Z. Bowles (verified owner)

    I have been using One Per Meal Lifeguard for over 10 Years. My doctor suggested Lifeguard. I am confident of the quality and potency of this vitamin. I trust Life Priority with their high standards. I also use the Joint-Decision.

  26. E. Hostettler (verified owner)

    Lifeguard is the #1 multivitamin I suggest in my pharmacy.

  27. O. Schrock (verified owner)

    I have been a Life Priority customer for over 15 years! Lifeguard is the best multi-vitamin I have ever used. Lifeguard is at the foundation of my health plan. I know the company and I know the scientists. I trust them with my supplements.

  28. Ross Pace (verified owner)

    One Per Meal Lifeguard is a must for keeing my immune system strong. I work at a family business in the convience store industry. I am exposed to all kinds of stuff.
    Lifeguard is a must for me.

  29. Rebecca & Leroy Esch

    I work long hard hours on our farm. One per-meal Lifeguard helps me keep my immune system strong. I very seldom get sick. One Per meal multi vitamin Life guard is the best Multi-vitamin I have ever used.

  30. S. Thompson

    I use LifeGuard as my daily nutritional insurance policy. I love this product and feel great! My doctor’s visits have been for wellness visits only, and I haven’t been sick in years! God bless. -S. Thompson

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