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LIFT Powder – Energizing nutrient drink mix

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LIFT is a powdered drink mix that helps eliminate mental fatigue and rejuvenates your brain naturally with no side effects. Lift helps to eliminate brain fade and naturally jump starts your day. It helps make noradrenaline, an important neurotransmitter (used by nerve cells to transmit information). 30 Servings per container.

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Lift is a Life Priority-Designer Food Formula by Life Extension Scientists Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw. Lift is an energy-boosting nutritional supplement to help you fire up your brain naturally and add the key nutrients to help eliminate mental fatigue. A great tasting natural fruit flavored drink mix containing the important nutrients; B12, B6, and L-phenylalanine with the right co-factors to help promote a long lasting energy Lift. Lift nutritional supplement fires up your brain and naturally and jump starts your day. It contains two important ingredients for activating and using noradrenaline, the brain’s version of adrenaline and an important neurotransmitter:
A Designer Food Formula? by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw.


  • L-phenylalanine (an essential amino acid) and its essential nutrient cofactors and other nutrients your brain uses to produce noradrenaline and aid in providing appetite satisfaction.
  • 80 mg of caffeine* which helps to release noradrenaline and increases sensitivity to its effects. *(less than 1 cup of coffee)

Lift is great tasting fruit flavored nutritional beverage, water soluble energy supplement. Just add water or your favorite juice to lift you and your level of mental energy. Lift Caps are the convenient capsule form for travel or those on the go!

Store in a cool, dry, dark place.

SUGGESTED USE: For adults only. As a dietary supplement, take one or two servings of this naturally flavored energy supplement daily.
To Your Health!
Weight1 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 6 in


  1. Marley G. (verified owner)

    These products have helped me in so many ways. I am 80 plus years old and still in good shape. I fly my self with a partner and I am into silver mining . These products like Lift help me have more energy than coffee and taste better too. My joints health is also good for my age. I have bee a truck drive for the last 40 years. I am so glad I found the Life Priority products they have been a God send to me and my health! Marley G.

  2. Carol H.

    I love the Lift ! I drink 1st thing every morning and I can’t imagine my day without it! I tried Lift as a suggestion from a friend who researches brain health-Nancy suggested I try the Lift. I feel great and love to share my lift energy boost with all my family and friends. Feed your Brain with Lift you will be glad you did! Carol H.

  3. Roy P (verified owner)

    I have been a follower of the Life Priority Designer food formulas for years. I know that when it comes to brain health there is noone more respected than Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw!

    Protect your Mental Fitness with Life Priority Lift and Mind-I do! Roy P.

  4. Sherry G.

    I work in a design and print shop. I have a lot of details to keep track of-I love taking the Lift and the Mind-
    I start everyday with Lift and Mind and I am glad to share my encouragement to others looking for a great natural and healthy alternative to coffee and colas!

    Lift your Mind! Sherry G.

  5. Belinda D.

    I have used Life priority Lift for over 15 years. I have followed the science of Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw on anti-aging. I love the Lift formula and appreciate Life Priority and the great products and great customer service.

    Thanks you for the mental Lift!
    Belinda D

  6. V. Chavez

    I have used Lift for over 10 years-it’s my go to to get my day off on the right start!
    Lift is a great nutritional drink that helps me get my day off on the right start!

  7. Cheryl C. (verified owner)

    I have followed Durk Pearson and Sandy shaw for over 35 years–I love their products and appreciate Life Priority and trust them to give me the quality products. My Favorite product is Lift!
    Lift is a very important drink mix that is so important for GOOD mental energy. Can’t beat Durk Pearson and Sandy shaw for the science in this product.

  8. Deborah (verified owner)

    I have been using the Lift powder for over 20 years! Lift helps me make the most of my work day and don’t feel exhausted or moody! Lift your Day–You will be addicted just like me!

  9. Tiffany (verified owner)

    I order the Lift and Mind-as a college student I remember so much more and I am more focused and productive with my time.

  10. M. Hall

    I have been using Lift on the Life Priority re-order program. I love the energy Lift gives me and love my Morning lift!

  11. N Beiler (verified owner)

    Lift is the best thing to help keep me alert and sharp–
    Lift is especially good before church as I don’t want to miss a sermon.

  12. S Livingston

    Lift has been so great to help support me and my energy. I love the taste and the way it helps me feel!
    No more expensive coffees for me!

  13. D Lafoon

    I love the Lift supplement from Life Priority.
    I use Lift everyday and can’t imagine a day without getting my favorite Lift!

  14. W. Touray

    I have been a life Priority customer since 1998. I love the Lift and mindf products for my brain health!
    Life gives me the Lift I need to help motivate and support my thought process.

  15. R Wolf

    I have followed the work of Durk Pearson for many years. I love the Life Priority Lift supplement. I use Lift every day to help me stay mentally sharp and at my best.

  16. M Sharp

    I am over 80 years old and have used Lift powder every morning to get me going! I love the taste and the energy Lift gives me!

  17. S Gingerich (verified owner)

    I love the feeling of well-being and support I get from drinking the Lift powder every morning.
    Get the right Lift!

  18. J. Lattari

    I have been using Lift for over 15 years and I love looking forward to it every morning. My doctor love I am using Lift to keep my brain sharp

  19. N. May (verified owner)

    I started using Durk and Sandy products in 1992 when I was a fitness
    trainer and I was immediately hooked! My favorite products are the Lift,
    Mind and Muscle Memory. I have tried many products over the years and I
    have to say, the Durk and Sandy products are amazing. When I take my Lift,
    Mind and Muscle Memory, I feel focused, energetic, calm, brighter, my mind
    is clear and I even sleep better. I also notice that I recover faster from
    my workouts. I am a very busy mom and when I take the products I have the
    energy to weight train, keep up with my very energetic, athletic husband
    and keep up with my busy kids who play a lot of sports. I also love the way
    Greg and Michelle run their business. They really take care of their

    God Bless!


    Valencia, CA

  20. J S

    As a DJ I need to stay quick and sharp…Lift is my daily secret weapon!

  21. Fern Gorin (verified owner)

    I have been using Lift for over 12 years. Lift helps keep my energy levels high and promotes good moods. I used Lift to help me accomplish all the goals in my day as a certified Life Coach! Fern Gorin, M.F.T., N.C.C. is the founder and Director of the Life Purpose Institute. She developed her unique Life Purpose Institute Coaching Process in 1984

  22. J. Jeter

    I have been a loyal Life Priority customer since 1996. I love the company and the high quality products they sell. Lift has been a real blessing to help me keep up with my grand-kids and it gives me the energy I like. I feel like I did in my 20’s!

  23. T Lassiter

    “Hey Michelle. I picked a bottle of LIFT and you were right about it helping with the headaches. Increased energy and decreased headaches. Thanks for the help. “

  24. J. Mast (verified owner)

    Ihave been using Lift and Mind for over 10 years. I make my drink 1st thing in the morning. Helps me get off to a great start!

  25. T Greener (verified owner)

    “25 years for Trent and I. We take it with Mind. Love it!”

  26. A. Owen (verified owner)

    My son started me using the Lift & Mind. Lift and Mind help me get going every day and I feel great! I will use Lift and Mind until the day I die.

  27. Ella M (verified owner)

    I use Lift daily to keep up with my 4 children. I love the positive upbeat feeling I get with using LIFT.

  28. J Sirdoreus (verified owner)

    I have used Lift since 1994. I use Lift every morning and can’t imagine a day with our it!
    At 82, my doctor can’t believe how healthy and active I am. Thanks to Life Priority and Lift!

  29. J Henry (verified owner)

    I am a over the road driver and Lift is my early morning WAKE-UP Call! I love the mental energy Lift gives me . I can do more and work longer healthier hours. I have used Lift daily for over 15 years!

  30. J Beyer

    For the last 17 years, I have started everyday with a power drink of Muscle Memory & Lift. 30 minutes later, I am feeling great and ready to start my day!

  31. Rebecca & Leroy Esch (verified owner)

    Lift is my morning wake up call! I have used Lift everyday for the last 10 years. Lift is the Best way to Lift me mentally and physically. No more coffee or coffee breath for me.

  32. S. Thompson

    I have used Lift Caps for over 14 years. My husband and I love the Lift Caps, they’ve eliminated mental fatigue while driving groups to the Shriners Hospital for treatment.

  33. Rich (verified owner)

    I have been involved with supplements for over 20 years and the Life Priority products are without a doubt the finest quality supplements on the market today. I have ordered from many companies that claim to have Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw formulations and I am always disapointed with the quality and also with their customer service. In my dealings with Life Priority however I always get wonderful customer service and the supplements have always exceeded my expectations. Thank you for being my supplement company of choice to assis me in living a better quality of life and for being so positive every time I call you!

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