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TE Probiotic (60 Capsules)


TE Probiotic 2.0

TE Probiotic 2.0 60 Capsules Supports digestion for a
healthy intestinal balance*
Beneficial bacteria often become imbalanced by poor diet
choices and environmental lifestyle stressors. Issues can arise
when opportunistic microorganisms feed on undigested food
molecules, creating gas. This comprehensive probiotic formula
includes six different probiotic sources totaling more than 5 billion
colony forming units (c.f.u.) per capsule.** Chosen for their safety
and efficacy, the GI stable and heat stable microorganisms mirror
the ratios found in a healthy GI tract.* These organisms enhance
the ecological balance of friendly bacteria, benefiting digestion,
elimination, and immune function by populating the gut with the
?friendly? naturally occurring bacteria vital to our overall health.*? Probiotic Blend. Optimal flora supports relief from
occasional GI discomfort, reduces problems associated with
lactose intolerance, and encourages healthy and timely
elimination by acting as a natural stool softener.* Probiotics
also support production of enzymes such as protease, lipase,
and lactase, further encouraging more complete digestion.*

? Jerusalem Artichoke. This tuber is a prebiotic plant fiber that
supplies nourishment for good bacteria.*

? Lactoferrin. This multifunctional protein is known for its
ability to support a healthy immune system.*
Health Benefits: Transformation?s Professional Protocol? Probiotic
is a probiotic supplement designed to help promote gastrointestinal
system health, assist with regularity, and support a
healthy immune system.*

Take one (1) capsule upon rising
or at bedtime with at least 8 oz. of
water or as directed by a health
care practitioner. Contents may be
removed from capsule and taken by
spoon immediately after mixing with
a small amount of tepid water.
Available in bottles of 30 and 60

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