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TE Pure Zyme 120 Capsules

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TE Pure Zyme 2.6
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TE Pure Zyme 120 Capsules Supports circulation, immunity,
and healthy elimination*
Assuring optimal protein digestion and proper blood flow is
necessary for effective nutrient delivery, a healthy immune
response, and detoxification. Protease enzymes are therefore
a must. This formula is uniquely designed with protease to
promote systemic balance.*? Protease Enzymes. The proteolytic activity in PureZyme
assists the body in maximum digestion of nutrients,
production of energy, and aid in immune support.*? Gentle Formula. PureZyme is formulated with calcium for
improved tolerance on an empty stomach and includes a
smaller but equally effective protease activity per capsule
compared to Transformation?s Professional Protocol?
Protease for those who need a more gradual introduction
to the benefits of proteolytic enzymes.*

? Protein Digestion. May be taken with meals for additional
support with digesting proteins.* For those who have
difficulty swallowing capsules, PureZyme may be pulled
apart and mixed in a small amount of tepid water and/or
with the first bite of food.

Health Benefits: Transformation?s PureZyme is well-tolerated,
GI and pH stable proteolytic enzymes designed for natural
support of the cardiovascular system for supporting muscular
health, immune system health, urinary health, and healthy

Take two (2) capsules first thing in
the morning and right before bed
or as directed by a health care

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