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TE Thyroid Complex (60 capsules)

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TE Thyroid Complex

TE Thyroid Complex (60 capsules) Promotes energy, metabolism,
and healthy thyroid function*
The thyroid gland takes part in many critical functions including
body temperature, digestive enzyme synthesis, stomach acid
production, fuel combustion, fat and protein synthesis, white
blood cell synthesis and activity, blood flow, and even sex
hormone synthesis and activity. A healthy thyroid is therefore
vital to overall health. This formula supports the thyroid gland
in its normal daily function of controlling metabolism and
energy production.*? Glandular Support. Thyroid Complex includes the
glandulars thyroid concentrate, anterior pituitary, and
hypothalamus to promote a balanced metabolic activity
level and regenerative capabilities.*? Nutritional Support. This natural formula contains various
vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B6, Zinc, and Copper
known to be specific for thyroid health and includes
Bladderwrack for additional nutritional support.*? Enzyme Delivery System. The enzyme blend in this
product has protease and a variety of polysaccharolytic
enzymes for improved delivery of the natural ingredients
as well as to promote optimum health benefits.*

Health Benefits: Transformation?s Professional Protocol?
Thyroid Complex supplies safe and effective glandulars with
herbs, enzymes, and nutrients to feed and fortify the thyroid,
pituitary, and hypothalamus glands for maintaining optimal
energy and metabolism.*

Take one (1) capsule daily with
food or as directed by a health care
Available in bottles of 60 capsules.

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