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HAIR and NAILS – Supporting healthy hair and nails

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PRIORITY HAIR & NAILS™ provides essential ingredients to help replenish healthy hair growth and increase nail durability.*

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Priority Hair & Nails designed by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw for their own personal use. Hair and Nails works by providing you with the nutrients required for the growth of healthy hair and nails. The nutrient amino acid cysteine (the main ingredient) is an important part of the structure of hair and nails.

Priority Hair & Nails capsules work from the inside to help create and maintain healthy scalp and follicles, as well as fingernails. Cysteine and biotin, important for healthy hair and nails, are included, along with a potent array of vitamins and minerals. This product was designed to provide increased levels of nutrients that hair requires for looking and growing its best.

A Designer Food Formula by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw.

Store in a cool, dry, dark place.

SUGGESTED USE: For adults only. As a dietary supplement, take one capsule with each meal and one at bedtime (4 capsules daily).


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Dimensions3 × 3 × 6 in


  1. Tom T.

    I started using the Life Priority Hair & Nails and my hair stopped falling out. I was experiencing a vitamin deficiency in my diet. I have tried may products to help me from losing my hair and Life Priority Hair & Nails is the only product that really worked. You need to be faithful and use it for 3 months and you will see what I mean. Thank you Life Priority I love your products. I also use the Lift Caps, Omega3 and the Muscle Memory. Great company and great products! Tom T.

  2. Deb B.

    I noticed my hair was falling out and was not healthy anymore due to stress. A friend suggested Hair & Nails because her hairdresser shared Hair and Nails with her–
    I love Hair & Nails it is a great product!

  3. Dorothy D.

    I love the Life Priority Hair and Nails product. I lost a lot of hair due to a hormonal imbalance.
    My friend suggested Life Priority products and I’m glad she did!
    I love the Hair and Nails and the Joint Decision. Dorothy D.

  4. LaVern J

    this is the best product I have ever used for my hair and nails-my hairdresser buys it for me and I love it. I lost most of my hair thru and illness and I am so happy to now have a full head of thick beautiful hair again. Lavern J.

  5. Nancy S.

    I love the Hair and Nails-my Hair was falling out and I started using Hair and Nails. My hair is healthy and so are my Nails-Nancy S.

  6. Jennifer R.

    I purchase the Hair and Nails by the case–Love it!
    It really works and is affordable and healthy!

  7. E. Quarles (verified owner)

    I have been a Life Priority customer for over 12 years. i love the Hair ans nails it really works and I am very happy with the quality and integrity of Life Priority products.

  8. K. Paughr

    I am Michelle’s hairdresser and I have witnesses 1st hand the wonderful benefits of Hair & Nails. It works better than any supplement I have seen or used.

  9. J Vandernat

    I have used the Hair and Nails for over 10 years. I have great Hair and no problems with my nails anymore. Life Priority is a great company with great products and good customer service.

  10. D. Clemens (verified owner)

    I lost my hair after chemo. I started using Hair and Nails and have used it ever since. Hair and Nails also provides antioxidant support. A high quality product from a wonderful comapny-Life Priority Inc.

  11. B Lucas (verified owner)

    I started using Hair and Nails because my hair was falling out. After 2 months I noticed my hair was not falling out and my nails were strong too! I have been using Hair and Nails for over 12 years.

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