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Men's Health Month
Hailey Pryor

10 Tips to Maintain Your Prostate Health

With today’s fast-paced lifestyles, most men are faced with increasing mental and physical demands as they age.  These demands can affect your health, including your prostate.

Glycine was found to significantly reduce the feeling of fatigue the next morning, supporting an improvement in sleep quality by glycine.;Life Extension; Dopamine agonists such as cocaine and methamphetamine (“speed”) have been shown to increase the speed of the internal clock.;Arginine for pain, pain is the hallmark of sickle cell disease, with some patients in pain all of the time. Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw.;Niacin; Debate in the health community about the benefits of synthetic ingredients (created in a laboratory) in nutritional supplements.
Hailey Pryor

LE NEWS: The Power of Arginine

The Power of Arginine DURK PEARSON & SANDY SHAW’S® LIFE EXTENSION NEWSLETTERTM ©1988-1991 Life Extension Newsletter, written by Life Extension scientists Pearson & Shaw, was prescient

LifeGuard is a multivitamin supplement that contains 25 essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. You can take a capsule after every meal.
Hailey Pryor

Lifeguard Against a Bad Diet!

If you watch the news at all these days, you are bound to create a negative world view at some point. The featured stories almost

We are saying that many supplements safety including iron already come in childproof packaging so additional requirements are unnecessary.
Hailey Pryor

Know the Facts on Supplement Safety – NPA Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D. 10.14.2015

“The facts are that adverse events from supplements are extremely low given their widespread usage, and most of these are the result of three factors: accidents, people not consulting with their doctor, or misuse of a product combined with other health factors. Supplements are safe, which is why millions of Americans use them every day.”

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