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PS PRIORITY – Supporting memory function

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PS PRIORITY™ or phosphatidylserine (PS) is present in every living cell. It is a key building block for the billions of cells in your brain. It is most commonly used for improving mental function, especially in the elderly.*

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PS PRIORITY is a cell membrane phospholipid that helps support proper memory function. PS contains 100 mg capsules of high quality phosphatidylserine, a specialized type of lecithin.

Over 3,000 published research papers and more than 60 clinical studies have established that phosphatidylserine can help support your brains membranes. Adequate levels of PS may help enhance membrane flexibility, permeability, strength, and the ability to withstand stress.

On May 13, 2003, the FDA gave “qualified health claim” status to phosphatidylserine, stating that, “Consumption of phosphatidylserine may reduce the risk of dementia in the elderly” and “Consumption of phosphatidylserine may reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction in the elderly.


SUGGESTED USE: Take 1 to 4 capsules daily. Each capsule contains 100 mg of phosphatidylserine per capsule.
CAUTION: Not for use by children or by pregnant or lactating women. Not for use by anyone sensitive to any of the ingredients.
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  1. Mary I. (verified owner)

    I started using the PS Priority over 10 years ago. I had never hear of this ingredient. Michelle Sent me some Information and she told me she was using Ps. for her memory. I tried 1 bottle and I could tell the difference.
    I have trusted the Life Priority supplements for over 20 years. I am thankful for Life Priority and the quality and great customer service. My health is a Life Priority..

    I love the Joint Decision-Lift Caps and the PS Priority!
    Thanks you Life Priority for many wonderful years of health benefits from your supplements!
    Mary I Alabama (92 Years young!)

  2. Dorothy D.

    I have been a Life Priority customer for over 15 years-I am in my 80’s and i am so please with Life Priority and all the products I take. I have taken supplements all my life and I have found the Life Priority company to be of the upmost integrity.

    I started to use the PS Priority and have been extremely pleased. I can tell when I don’t take it.
    Thanks you Life Priority for all your great products:
    Lifeguard-Lift-PS and Joint Decision! Dorothy D. Las Vegas NV.

  3. E. Quarles (verified owner)

    I don’t forget to take my PS! I love the Ps from Life Priority is is a great product to help support my mental focus and concentration.

  4. J Lattari

    I love the PS. My doctor suggested I try it to help support my memory and it is great.

  5. J. Landreth (verified owner)

    I have been using Ps Priority for over 2 years. I love the ability to remember and recall with our trouble. As I am aging i will do what it takes to keep my mind sharp. I love the Ps Priority –you will too!

  6. G Pettes (verified owner)

    I am a caretaker. I use the PS Priority everyday. I can tell a difference. I use PS Priority to help me focus and save my memory!

  7. F. Segerblom

    I have used several of the Life Priority products to supplement my health! I have really enjoyed the PS Caps as a memory booster.

  8. J Henry (verified owner)

    I have been a Life Priority customer for over 15 years. High quality products and great customer service.

  9. Michelle Pryor

    I have suffered 2 major brain tramas.I have used PS Caps for the last 3 years. I won’t go a day with out it.
    I can tell how it helps my memory, focus and concentration.

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