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CALCIUM PRIORITY – 3 different forms of calcium for best absorption

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3-WAY CALCIUM PRIORITY™ contains 3 different forms of calcium, vitamin K, and vitamin D3 to support adequate absorption.
It is suggested that magnesium and calcium be used together for proper absorption.*

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Calcium Priority offers three different sources of Calcium, tricalcium phosphate, calcium citrate, calcium ascorbate, calcium borate for high bioavailability and absorption, meaning they reach one’s bones quicker and are utilized more effectively.
Calcium Priority contains three bioavailable forms of calcium plus
vitamins A, C, D, K2 and boron.. Four capsules of Calcium Priority contains 1,000 mg of calcium, the same amount in 20 ounces of milk and 800 iu of Vitamin D, the amount in 1/2 gallon of fortified milk.

Why Calcium Priority does not contain magnesium.
1. Not everyone can take magnesium, especially those with kidney problems.
2. If magnesium were included in Calcium Priority, you would have to take 9 capsules to get 1000 mg of calcium and 400 mg of magnesium. To get these amounts from Calcium Priority (90 capsules) and Magnesium Priority (120 capsules) individually, you still have to take about that many capsules (4 and 6, respectively), but the important thing is that those who can’t take magnesium are not left without a good calcium formulation that they can take.
3. Regarding the belief that magnesium is required to enable calcium to be absorbed: although calcium absorption is dependent on vitamin D, it apparently does not depend on magnesium. 1 (The two minerals are, however, highly interactive in the circulation and in cellular function.) Conversely, most human studies on the effects of dietary calcium on magnesium absorption have shown no effect,2-4 and one study has reported decreased magnesium absorption rates!
A final, important point is that some magnesium is needed, along with calcium, boron, and vitamins A, C,D and K2, for proper bone health.
1. Fine KD, Santa Ana CA, Porter JL, Fordtran JS. Intestinal absorption of magnesium from food and supplements. J Clin Invest 1991;88(2):396-402.
2. Hardwick LL, Jones MR, Brautbar N, Lee DB. Magnesium absorption: mechanisms and the influence of vitamin D, calcium, and phosphate. J Nutr 1991;121(1):13-23.
3. Spencer H, Lesniak M, Gatza CA, Kramer L, Norris C, Coffey J. Magnesium-calcium interrelationships in man. Trace Subst Environ Health 1978; 12:241?7.
4. Greger JL, Smith SA, Snedeker SM. Effect of dietary calcium and phosphorus levels on the utilization of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and selenium by adult males. Nutr Res 1981;1:315?25.
Suggested use: take Calcium Priority? as a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule after each meal and at bedtime.
Additional suggestion: Take 1-2 capsules of Magnesium Priority with each capsule of Calcium Priority.
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  1. Cheryl S

    I am a healthcare worker and an educator. I was lucky to fing Life Priority Calcium Priority! As a nurse I am very familiar with the effects of bone loss. I believe the Life Priority Calcium Priority with 3 different forms of calcium and the addition of vitamin k are a great support for anyone who needs to take calcium.

  2. L. Johnson

    Over the years I have used many calcium supplements. A gift from a friend – Calcium Priority !
    I Love this product I have great bone density at 72 and I sleep better taking it at night before bed.

  3. K Justice

    I love the Life Priority Calcium Priority is a uniques blend as it is 3 forms of calcium for best absorption.
    as a healthcare professional, I love the quality of the products I get from Life Priority!

  4. Pauline G. (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed working with Life Priority.
    My family uses many different supplements to stay healthy.
    I always feel good ordering products from Life Priority because they have excellent products and customer service.

    Pauline G. McAlister, Pa

  5. H Ortman

    My MD suggested I use this 3 Way Calcium. I love it. It is gentle on my stomach.

  6. C Anderson (verified owner)

    I have been a Life Priority customer for over 15 years. I love the company and their products. High quality supplements that really do the job.

  7. Li Newcomb (verified owner)

    I have gotten great results from 3Way Calcium.
    My bone density tests are great for my age. I live and work on our family farm. I eat well and make sure I take my Life Priority supplements to insure my health!

  8. J. Jeter

    I was introduced to Life Priority products in 1996 by a friend. I was told I needed to add calcium to my diet. I showed my doctor the label of 3-Way Calcium and he was impress with the 3 different kinds of calcium. I have used 3 Way calcium ever since. Great product and a great company.

  9. Mary (verified owner)

    My physician says this is the best combo to get the most from a calcium supplement she’s ever seen! I take 4 a day, per her instructions, and I passed my bone density test with flying colors at the age of 58; I’ve been taking them since my hysterectomy at age 40.

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