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PRODUCTIVE SLEEP – Supporting a good night’s sleep

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PRODUCTIVE SLEEP™ contains 5 brain enhancing nutrients to enhance a sound restful sleep and recharge your brain’s memory. Help your brain navigate nature’s restorative sleep pathways and promote a more “productive”sleep.*

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Productive Sleep – A scientifically formulated supplement by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw is designed to equip your brain with supplies of sleep-enhancing natural substances to help make it easy to just let go and slip into a daytime nap or nighttime sleep without a struggle, even at the end of or during a day that may be full of hard work and stressful events. Good sleep doesn’t have to be just a dream. Get more power from your nap! Get more out of the sleep you get with Productive Sleep.
Hundreds of substances, both natural and synthetic, have been tried over the past few thousand years as sleep-inducing agents. Many were successful in inducing unconsciousness. Why, then, did they generally fail to provide the user with a feeling of rested refreshment the next morning. The answer is complex, but the bottom line is that no one substance can perform the very complex task of helping you to have a more refreshing nap or night’s sleep.
Sleep is far more than a daily period during which you lapse into a lengthy state of unconsciousness. It is a highly programmed mental state that engages all parts of your brain in a complex pattern of activity…. sleep is no longer considered a passive resting state, but rather an active brain state essential for neuronal plasticity. If all has gone well, you awake with a sense of refreshment and well-being, having been prepared for a new day by a night of productive sleep. New research has reported beneficial effects on cognition (particularly memory) of daytime naps, as well.
Then, after you fall asleep, Productive Sleep helps your brain navigate nature’s restorative sleep pathways. We designed Productive Sleep for our own personal use because there are a lot of things to worry about these days and we really need good sleep. Productive Sleep works for us. Several of our best friends have reported enthusiastically on the effects of Productive Sleep.

A Designer Food Formula by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw.

SUGGESTED USE: Use as directed on the label or by your healthcare professional.
Take 1 serving in 2 oz of water at bedtime. You may also, take 1 serving before a nap.(30 servings per container)

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  1. P. Schaal (verified owner)

    Hello Michelle:
    Monica has been telling her friends how well “Productive Sleep” works, and now she has sold 3 of her bottles!! Now she needs to order 4 more bottles from you —sorry! Please send another order of 4 bottles to my “no longer sleep deprived” wife.
    Thank You,

  2. J. Landreth (verified owner)

    I have been using the Productive Sleep for 3 months and I love this product. I take it 30 mins before bed and have a very restful and productive sleep. A truly scientifically formulated product for brain health!

  3. S Ruby (verified owner)

    I am a small business owner. I am up at 5am and work till 7 pm. I love that Productive Sleep helps gives me the Productive Sleep I need!

  4. J Heying (verified owner)

    I like using the Productive sleep. I feel refreshed in the mornings. It helps me with my stress levels.

  5. Michelle Pryor

    I tried Productive Sleep in order to decide if Life Priority should market Productive Sleep.
    I knew after the 1st time I used Productive Sleep the value. I experienced a deep restful sleep. As co-owner of Life Priority, a small business, I have many jobs and “STRESS” is daily obstacle. Productive sleep is a must to energize my brain and make me more productive for my health and the health of my customers!

  6. Marlin McQueen (verified owner)

    Hello Michelle and Greg: Congratulations on 19 years helping people live a happy and healthier life style.
    Jane and Marlin
    Marlin (Coach) McQueen
    Myosource KINETIC BANDS


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