4 Supplements that are GOOD for your Heart

If you’re struggling with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you’re probably looking for ways to reduce your risk of heart disease, heart attack or stroke. According to the CDC, heart disease is the #1 leading cause of death in the United States. Physical activity, nutritious eating, stress reduction, and keeping a healthy weight are all vital components of a heart-healthy lifestyle, according to healthcare professionals. However, vitamins can also play an essential role in heart health. Here is a list of four (4) supplements that can be a good addition to a heart-healthy lifestyle:

1. Omega-3 fatty acids
2. Magnesium
3. CoQ10
4. Vitamin D

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These healthy fatty acids assist with the function of our heart by slightly lowering blood pressure, slowing the buildup of plaque, decreasing triglycerides, reducing blood clotting, and reducing the risk of developing an irregular heart rhythm. A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that a daily dose of DHA and EPA had the strongest protective effect against heart disease with a 30% reduced risk of heart-related death. According to WebMD, omega-3 fatty acids not only helps prevent heart disease, but reduces the risk of heart attacks. Since the body doesn’t naturally produce these fatty acids, we must get them through our daily food intake or through supplements. The recommended daily intake for Omega-3 Fatty Acid’s is between 500mg—1,000mg of EPA plus DHA. If you’re curious whether you’re getting enough omega-3’s in your diet, please reach out to your doctor as a simple blood test can check to see if you’re deficient. If supplementation is recommended, it’s important to use a pure, concentrated, pharmaceutical-grade fish oil.


Magnesium supports muscle and nerve function as well as energy production, so it is essential for optimal physiological function. Magnesium benefits the heart by helping lower blood pressure and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart failure, stroke, and diabetes. The recommended daily intake suggests 350mg/day, however, this amount can vary depending on the individual. Studies reveal that up to 50% of Americans are magnesium deficient which can lead to high blood pressure, plaque buildup, and high cholesterol. If you’re curious whether you’re deficient in magnesium, contact your doctor for a blood test to check your levels.

Coenzyme CoQ10

While CoQ10 naturally occurs in the body, you can also get it through foods such as salmon, tuna, broccoli and cauliflower. Research shows that CoQ10 supports the heart by helping lower blood pressure and decreasing cholesterol levels. It is also beneficial for those already taking statin medication as it can reduce the muscle and joint pain caused as a side effect of the statin. There is no standard recommended dosage as it is dependent per person.

Vitamin D

Several studies show that Vitamin D can benefit your heart and overall health by lowering blood pressure, helping prevent strokes, and reducing the risk of diabetes. Vitamin D can be found in foods such as eggs, cheese, tuna, fortified milk, juices and cereals. It also aids in protecting bones, increasing energy, and regulating insulin levels. The recommended daily intake suggests between 1,000-4,000IU per day. A blood test can help you determine if you’re deficient in this vitamin.

Even though these vitamins provide wonderful heart healthy benefits, it’s important to talk with your doctor prior to changing any medication or nutritional supplement to ensure they won’t cause any unwanted side effect or adverse interaction with any prescription medication you might currently be taking. It’s also important to have a blood test prior to adding any nutritional supplement to determine whether you are deficient in certain nutrients before adding them to your daily regimen. I am affiliated with Quest Diagnostics, so if you’d like to have a blood test to see where your vitamin levels are, please feel free to give me a call. Also, if you’re looking for a great supplement company to provide any of the above vitamins, I highly recommend Life Priority.

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*WARNING: Remember to always consult with your doctor before starting any nutrition or exercise program to ensure the program is right for you.

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