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When is the best time to take Life Priority Muscle Memory™?

“Muscle Memory™ makes your endocrine system look like that of a younger person.”

As you may know, fitness plays a crucial role in maintaining one’s overall health and well-being. When it comes to staying fit and energetic, there’s no better way than ensuring proper muscle maintenance and growth with the right supplementation like Muscle Memory™.

Life Priority’s Muscle Memory™ formula is a perfect blend of the essential amino acids designed by Life Extension scientists Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw® to be effectively used by the body. It’s a great way to build new and stronger muscle, boost your energy and stamina, and speed up your post-workout recovery.

Jeff Hamlin understands the importance of workout recovery, the value of maintaining your muscle mass and optimizing your fitness and energy levels. That’s why he includes Muscle Memory™ in his daily regimen. At age 59, Jeff Hamlin has been selected to compete in the annual Mr. Health and Fitness Competition. Take a moment to cast a vote for Jeff and help him achieve the recognition he deserves (See more on how to VOTE FOR JEFF).

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Jeff Hamlin

IFPA Certified Trainer

Jeff Hamlin has been a IFPA certified trainer since 2004. He specializes in fitness beyond fifty and utilize evidence based training programs that deliver maximum results in as little as one hour a week!

Help Jeff Hamlin be the next Mr. Health & Fitness while supporting a great cause!

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