Our Mission





Since 1994, Life Priority has recognized the importance of sourcing high quality supplements for our customers backed by scientific research.

Our Mission.

Since 1994, Life Priority has recognized the importance of sourcing high quality supplements for our customers. Selectively chosen for quality, and backed by scientific research, Life Priority supplements are made to complement a healthy and active lifestyle. The scientists behind Life Priority, Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw – Life Extension Scientists & Designer Food™ Formulators are independent experts in anti-aging research and brain biochemistry and have many awards including the Award for Excellence in Health & Education from the Association for Holistic Health, for individuals who have made special contributions to biomedical aging research.

Educating our customers in multivitamins and supplements that can improve your health and serve as a great way to add years to your life. Now, almost 30 years after retiring from Major League Baseball, Greg and his wife, Michelle continue to offer top-quality health and nutritional supplements to health enthusiasts across the globe.

Life Priority Features

Research Based/Scientifically Formulated
• Formulators Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw are independent experts in anti-aging research and brain biochemistry. Since 1968, they have been pioneers in the life extension field. The publication of their runaway-bestseller, Life Extension, A Practical Scientific Approach, in 1982 was a benchmark in the history of nutritional science and created a whole new biomedical paradigm.

Time Tested
• The majority of the product line is rated GRAS
(Generally Recognized As Safe)

Nutrition You Can Feel
• 20 products that help supply specific essential nutrients that help customers maintain a healthy lifestyle The Life Priority product names are descriptive of their value for new customers.

FDA Inspected
• After two different inspections by the FDA in 2017, the Life Priority products, manufacturing, literature, and fulfillment activities passed with no negative evaluations.

Life Priority Company Experience

Over 50 years of collective experience in the health and nutrition industry in specific areas such as:

• Manufacturing at FDA/USDA GMP Facilities
• Ingredient Analysis and Cost Analysis
• Scientific development and consulting
• Product knowledge and use
• Legal Labeling/Label development
• Relationships with successful Nutritional Product manufacturers

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