Happy Father’s Day! — 4 tips to Be a Healthy Coach

Happy Father’s Day! –4 tips to Be a Healthy Coach:  TAKE YOUR VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS!

I have been a advocate for vitamins and supplements since I started my professional baseball career in 1971 with the Washington Senators. I worked hard and tried to improve my health with a good diet, working out and using supplements. In 1991, I learned that the use of the right dietary supplements is one of the most important decisions that a person will make each day.  So take a seat on the bench and consider the 4 simple tips below.

Tip #1—Use Lifeguard -high-Quality Multi-Vitamin, Multi-Mineral With Each Meal

Your body needs nutrients 24 hours a day so using supplements after each meal is very logical. Most of the food we eat is devoid of virtually all the trace minerals we need for survival so  consider using a high-potency multi-vitamin with each meal to help provide free radical protection and to build up the immune system.  There was a time when it took a lot of arguing to convince people that they needed some kind of vitamin/mineral supplement. Not so anymore. Although people may not know the exact numbers, they are aware that the food that is sold in markets today is less nutritious than it was 50 years ago

Tip #2—Use the Omega-3 “Essential” Nutrient,.

One of the major building blocks of the brain, the omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is critical for optimal brain health and function at all ages of life.  Getting enough DHA from the diet is impractical and the easiest way to consume it is from fish oil. Omega 3 is one of the most researched and added value supplements due to the value it provides for brain and cardiac health. Make getting a high quality Omega-3 a top priority.

Tip #3—Specific Nutrients for Joint Health

I have been using glucosamine HCl since 1996 to keep my cartilage healthy.  I was introduced to the value of glucosamine by a former employee of Mr. Ewing Kauffman, founder of Marion Labs and former owner of the KC Royals. Since ’96, my company, Life Priority has enjoyed helping thousands of people understand how using a high-quality form of glucosamine can help support and maintain healthy joints. Using glucosamine has allowed me to play golf with less joint pain and also participate in the KC Royals Fantasy Camp each year.


Tip #4—Specific Nutrients for Maintaining a Healthy Prostate

Prostate health becomes more important with age, particularly for men over the age of 40. It’s worthwhile considering this issue far in advance. There are certain nutrients that can help the health of the prostate including, lycopene, saw palmetto, pygeum, vitamin C, vitamin D-3 and zinc..

I feel that the use of  quality supplements in the right dosages at the right times can help you live a healthier life and slow up the aging process. To receive many more free nutritional tips, email me at customerservice@lifepriority.com.  To Your Health, Greg Pryor

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