Achy Joints from Husband to Wife to Dog…

Guest post by Pam Houston of CollegiateCamo

It’s an inherited trait. Maybe it’s genetic, maybe it’s behavioral. Even our dog has it. I’m talking about achy joints, of course. Is there anything worse than stiff joints?  Especially when it’s gone from being a rare nuisance to a persistent, chronic annoyance?

It’s hard not to get on a soapbox about what we can do to “save ourselves,” but this is an issue where many of us have complete empathy.  Glucosamine has been shown to improve mobility and pain for more than 20 years.  This seems like a no brainer… right? There are clinical trials for this drug and that, but glucosamine is consistently an affordable, safe, adjunct therapy for those who are like me and my family, who suffer from chronic joint problems. Also, I’m big on prevention. So why not do what we can now to preserve what we have as we age?

Achy Joints in the Hands & Fingers

For a woman of normal size, my hands are huge.  I’m not proud of them, but my doctor husband tells me it’s from farm work as a kid, which has contributed to arthritis in my knuckle joints. Yes, my knuckles are huge. Sometimes I even say that I have “man hands.”  You’ll never find me as a hand model for beautiful jewelry, and no amount of pretty fingernail polish disguises this fact.

Even worse for me is the constant reminder with the minor aches, pains and stiffness that comes with the arthritis in my hands. I feel better all the way around if I know I’m doing something to help my situation by taking glucosamine.  You can do an internet search and find out all the info you would ever want on the values of this supplement; if you’re a doubter I encourage you to do so. My advice is to make sure you’re spending your money on a quality brand of glucosamine supplement and get going already.

Joint Pain Becomes a Family Affair

So, back to the family. I am not alone in my arthritic suffering. My 85-year-old father is ravaged with sore joints. I recognize this is not an inherited trait, but rather the wearing a way of our joints through years of manual labor.  For some it’s the stressful wear and tear from sports, similar to what my son experiences, that is the cause of this joint pain. Families will be families, and we tend to repeat the behaviors of the generations before us.

Even when it comes to my dog, Gabby, she has no self-control when it comes to chasing squirrels. In fact, due to her obsession with these rodents, she ended up with a $1000 doggie ACL knee surgery, not to mention the squirrel-chasing behavior has exacerbated arthritis in her knee! But just like me and my dad, Gabby gets her canine glucosamine supplement every day, and a lecture not to chase the squirrels and blow out the other knee!

What can I say? Families will be families! Hopefully the family that prevents and heals together, stays together.



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