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Antioxidant Protection from Free Radicals

Of all the advances made in nutritional science, none can hold a candle to the successes of antioxidant research. When the idea was first proposed that oxidation might be at the core of the aging process itself, the suggestion was poorly received. But now, more than 40 years later, we know that a class of oxidants called free radicals – highly reactive molecules generated by normal metabolism, as well as by radiation, pollution, smoking, and various forms of internal stress – can severely damage the tissues and cells of our bodies.


Scientists have discovered that certain nutrients can neutralize free radicals, helping to prevent the oxidative damage they would otherwise cause. These nutrients are called antioxidants, and their conscientious use has been shown in double-blind, placebo-controlled human trials to help maintain good health, retard the aging process, and prevent disease. This is particularly good news because the processes of aging start early in life, and the findings are clear: with regular use of antioxidants and other dietary supplements, health advantages of truly significant proportions are now available to all. Recent research indicates that antioxidants may even extend life span.1



Much of the research has shown that the amounts of antioxidant nutrients found to have beneficial health effects are difficult, if not impossible, to obtain from food. Yet because our bodies do not produce these ingredients – vitamins, minerals, and other natural antioxidants – and because food contains only small amounts, it is necessary to selectively consume additional amounts of these nutrients to compensate and receive their important health benefits.2

It has been estimated that the amount of well-chosen food one would have to consume on a daily basis to approach the core of optimal supplemental nutrition would exceed 35,000 calories per day! The impossibility of such a task is obvious, given that the average person consumes less than 3,000 calories per day. The truth is that Mother Nature – curiously portrayed as always nourishing – did not coevolve food to meet the requirements of humans beyond the optimal time for procreation, which ends before the age of thirty.

But at the dawn of the 21st century, life is just beginning when the optimal time for procreation ends. There is much more to look forward to than the debilitating effects of the aging process: inflammation, weakness, frailty, pain, suffering, wasting, disease, and death. Antioxidant supplements, along with other identified essential nutrients, can help significantly to minimize all that, slowing the aging process and – for all we know – possibly extending us to a life span equaling, or even exceeding, the longest yet known.



Left to their own destructive course of action, free radicals can damage the DNA, proteins, and other critical molecules of our bodies – unless we do something. And that means that we must take, on a regular basis, abundant amounts of the most studied antioxidant compounds, including ascorbic acid (vitamin C), tocopherol (vitamin E), beta-carotene (the precursor to vitamin A), certain B vitamins, specific trace minerals, and specific amino acids. These nutrient supplements help prevent free radicals from oxidizing low-density lipoprotein (LDL), a form of cholesterol that can damage the linings of arteries, which can result in atherosclerosis. Antioxidants may also help prevent damaging effects of visible light on the retina and the lens epithelium of the eye. Scientists believe that antioxidant vitamins may play a role in the prevention of cancer by stopping the attack of hydroxyl radicals that can alter our DNA.



Life Priority formulators, including Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw,® have thought long and hard about the issues of advanced multinutrient formulations and have created products. These super-high-potency formulations are the core of any health program, providing all-day protection in ways unimaginable until now.

One of these new products, created for Life Priority, breaks new ground with one of the most advanced multinutrients ever designed. It contains 44 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and other nutrients, many of which are not ordinarily found in other formulations of this class. A vital feature of this formula is that it helps balance acidity and maintain the normal low pH of the stomach. This is especially important for people who have sensitive stomachs and still want to be able to take high-potency multinutrients. This product is designed with intelligent ratios of nutrients such that adequate protection can be obtained by taking smaller amounts (6 capsules per day) than those recommended for optimal protection (12 capsules per day).

Lifesheild is a scientifically advanced formulation designed by world-famous life-extension scientists Pearson & Shaw for their own use, as the centerpiece of their personal life-extension program. They say that they would take it, if they took nothing else. Their flagship formulation contains 28 balanced and comprehensive antioxidant vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The recommended amounts are

3 capsules with each meal and 3 at bedtime (a total of 12 per day).



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