Get “Physically Prepared” For Another MLB Baseball Season!

Get “Physically Prepared” For Another MLB Baseball Season!- Greg Pryor

I played pro baseball for 16 yrs, and over 9 seasons in MLB.  At the end of each one of my minor league and major league seasons, I would immediately begin a physical fitness program to get ready for spring training and the next season.  An exception to that schedule took place after my first MLB season with What happens to MLB players when baseball season is over? A very important aspect of off season conditioning is the diet. the Chicago White Sox in 1979.

I married my wife, Michelle, on January 31, 1979 which was right before spring training.  Since we didn’t take a honeymoon after our wedding, right after the ’79 season, Michelle suggested that we take a 3 week trip to Europe for our honeymoon!  I was shocked that she would even consider taking me out of my postseason “routine” to travel to Ireland, England, Germany, Holland and France.  We did take our honeymoon to Europe but I went on to have my best season in MLB in ’79, so go figure.

The only player that I ever played with that did not need an off-season workout program was Bo Jackson.  In my opinion, he was the best athlete in history.  He was blessed with every physical tool that you would ever want.  Athletes in other sports were on a lower plane compared to Bo.  I was on deck when he hit the longest HR in Royals history in ’86.  His swing sucked the air out of my lungs and I about fainted! Just kidding, but Bo could simply do it all better than anyone else.

The current Royals players have their own conditioning program they follow during the off season.  They had a shorter off season than any of the other MLB players because of  their World Series victory!  I have been told that Royal left fielder, Alex Gordon, is very diligent regarding his workout regimen which, I hear, is done 12 months a year.  If that is true, that is the extreme and I commend Alex for his dedication and preparation.  Normally, after the season is over, MLB players take a few weeks off and begin a fitness program to follow by the trainer and/or strength coach, and most players do their conditioning without someone cracking a whip over their heads during workouts. When I played, I had my best workouts when I had someone with me urging me (screaming at me) to put in more effort in my exercises.

We all have a free choice as to what personal exercise program to follow whether our goal is to simply feel better, lose fat, or to compete in a sport.  Whatever exercise program we choose can increase the level of free radicals that form in our blood during the activity.  Excess free radical production can overwhelm your cells and oxidative stress rises far beyond healthy levels. Over time, this damage increases your risk of heart disease, cancer, and exercise associated muscle damage.

Our bodies naturally protect themselves against free radicals with a class of substances ONE PER MEAL LIFEGUARD – Multivitamin with 25 essential nutrients called antioxidants.  Wiser people than me suggest that in order to maximize exercise, to minimize oxidant damage, and to get more blood in the muscles during exercise, a person
should use certain nutrients in adequate amounts, via supplements, PRIOR to a workouts.

Since 1994, Life Priority has been advising athletes on the importance of and proper use of certain antioxidants and other nutrients prior to workouts.  Prior to workouts, there are certain antioxidants and other nutrients to ingest that will lower potential free radical damage and will also help create better blood flow inside of the muscle.  Exercise can help you live a healthier life but using the right nutrients prior to exercise can maximize the benefit of the time that you spend doing those exercises.  Contact Life Priority at for more information on how to maximize your workout potential!  Hey, the harder you work, the luckier you can get!

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