Glucosamine – A Natural Solution for Joint Pain

A solution for joint pain symptoms, since 1996, Joint Decision™, has helped thousands of people lower or eliminate joint pain symptoms.; health supplements; bone restore; hair skin and nails; two per day capsules; c vitamin; vitamin c; vitamin c2; c2 vitamin; omega 3 supplement; health booster; vitamin k; vitamin d; vitamin d3; one per day vitamin; one per day multivitamin; glucosamine chondroitin; life extension magnesium; magnesium supplement; coq10 supplement; viatmin e supplement; glutathione cysteine; supplement nac; black seed oil; glucosamine; n acetyl cysteine; nacetyl l cysteine; fish oil; supplements fish oil; acetyl cysteine; omega 3 supplements; fish oil pill; omega 3 from fish oil; best fish oil supplements; n acetylcysteine cysteine; omega 3 supplements best; b complex; fish oil benefits; vitamins and supplements; black seed oil benefits; flush niacin; glucosamine chondroitin; vitamin life extension; supplements life extension; life extension multivitamin; life extension magnesium; magnesium caps; prostate ultra; fish oil vitamins; supplements vitamins; durk pearson; durk pearson and sandy shaw In 1996, I participated in a nationally televised 700 Club TV documentary with Dr. Luke Bucci, Ph. D., that introduced glucosamine hydrochloride (GHCl/Joint Decision™) as a possible solution for joint pain symptoms.

If one looks at the totality of evidence (1A drug rating in Europe – the highest possible), it is clear glucosamine does help joints and needs to be taken long term.

Personally, I began using Joint Decision™ as a retail customer in 1996 because I had a severe problem in the big knuckle on my right hand. It was not until my third week of using Joint Decision™ that I noticed any effect. I noticed that I had more flexibility and, within six weeks, I was pain-free!

Soon afterwards, my company, Life Priority, Inc., began offering a pharmaceutical grade form of glucosamine HCl in our Joint Decision™ product.

Since 1996, Joint Decision™, has helped thousands of people lower or eliminate joint pain symptoms. Users are able to work without pain again, play with grand-kids and live a more pain-free life because Joint Decision™ has helped them deal with joint pain without using medication.

Even though Joint Decision™ is made by our bodies from our food, in many cases the food supply does not keep up with the demands on the cartilage to cushion the movement of our bones. Without adequate glucosamine from the diet, cartilage becomes thinner and inflammation begins. Without proper cushioning from healthy cartilage, bones can begin to rub together which is basically osteoarthritis. It is a good idea for athletes to take it to help prevent wear and tear from catch up later as it helps repair micro trauma, which is much easier than trying to fix broken tissue. There are many other essential nutrients that should be in our diet in order to keep joints healthy. Please contact me personally to discuss your specific dietary supplement use. To address existing joint pain symptoms and to prevent joint inflammation, please consider using Joint Decision™ as your first line of defense. There is a difference in the quality of  glucosamine in the marketplace. Life Priority purchases the raw ingredient used in Joint Decision™ so we know that it is a pharmaceutical-grade.

Let your joints decide and use Joint Decision™! To order Joint Decision™ online, go to and use the coupon offer SPRING22 for 10% off  on your first order.

Greg Pryor, who was a member of the 1985 World Champion Kansas City Royals, is the coowner of Life Priority Inc.(est.1994). He works with dietary supplement ingredient manufacturers and research-scientists to bring high-quality, research-based dietary supplement ingredients and formulas to the marketplace. See the whole line of Life Priority products at Contact Greg at

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