Lisa Pennington: “Lift Caps changed my life.”

lisa-pennington-pointby Lisa Pennington, The Pennington Point

I take Lift Caps every day!  They have changed my life in so many ways.  I am thrilled to have discovered them and I really notice a difference on the days I don’t take them. (I tend to forget things which is why I set them out every night before bed so I won’t miss taking them first thing the next morning).

As a homeschooling mother of nine, I needed not only extra energy but a good mood to help me enjoy the craziness of my life. These have helped me with both of those areas.  I can’t tell you how blessed I am to have these every day.  They have helped me lose weight too! God gave us natural ways to stay healthy and take care of our families.  These products plus a good diet are how I manage to do it all.  I hope you’ll join me!

*Besides changing my diet, I also added exercise to my routine.*

You MUST know that I am not an exercise girl.  I never understood those people that would say things like, “I love running,” or, “I feel so much better after my workout.”

Uh, right. I feel better after a 2-hour nap followed by chocolate.

I don’t like to sweat, I don’t have time to do the exercise, PLUS get all re-dressed and fixed up after and the whole process wears me out for the rest of the day. Just telling it like it is, folks.

But something needed to change.  I wasn’t sure how; I only knew I needed to get myself moving.  So I decided to start going for a simple walk every morning.  I’d just walk down the street and see what happened.  At first it was miserable.  I got tired quickly, I didn’t like it and I wanted to go back to bed.

Then something happened to change that for me.  I met a woman named Michelle (I wish I had time to tell you about how we met because there is no doubt it was providential) and she shared her personal story with me and about the supplement she takes that she believes saved her life.  I listened, but I was just so tired.  I wished I could find the energy to exercise but I didn’t have much confidence.  She felt so strongly that I needed these supplements that she gave me a bottle.  So I started taking them.  And they have changed my life, too!

They are from a company called Life Priority and they are called Lift Caps.

I almost immediately started noticing that I was feeling better.  I started to take two each morning before I leave for my walk and the difference is surprising.  I’m not dragging as much and within two days of taking them I made it a mile down the road (and back) without dying.  Then I started walking further and before I knew it I was easily walking three miles a day and even trying to walk faster. (You can follow me on Instagram for my morning updates!)

The other difference I notice is that my mood is better.  I’m less grumpy, more interested in spending time with my kids, I react better to stressful situations… my whole family has noticed the change.  I am responding more calmly when the day takes a bad turn or something hampers my plans.  It really is pretty amazing.

The Lift Caps are helping with my weight loss, my attitude and my morning exercise routine.  I can’t say enough good things about them.  I have convinced James to take them (which took plenty of convincing since he’s kind of a no-frills guy).  He just started this week and said he can already tell a difference.

If you have been struggling with fatigue, depression or just plain lack of motivation I would encourage you to try the Lift Caps.  They have helped me so much through all of that!  I am down 33 pounds and feeling great!  I know it is because I have found that strength and energy that I prayed for and I am so incredibly grateful!  And one bottle lasted me two months, making it very affordable.


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