Synthetic vs Natural, What’s the Difference?

What is the definition of natural ingredients and what is the definition of synthetic ingredients? There’s always a debate in the health community about the benefits of synthetic ingredients (created in a laboratory) in nutritional supplements. The recent trend and belief is that all-natural everything is the best choice, but is that true?

According to Durk Pearson, there really isn’t a difference between creating synthetic ingredients in a lab and the all-natural ingredient. In our daily diets, we ingest foods with countess chemicals that can be both beneficial and harmful. Since this is the case, all-natural may not be the best if we can eliminate those bad chemicals in our supplements. He uses the example of Na-PCA, “which is the primary natural moisturizer in your skin.” If your diet isn’t such that it allows for your body to produce Na-PCA in an adequate quantity, then your skin may become dry and cracked, but you can find it in other places. Na-PCA is an ingredient in some moisturizers, so it can be produced in a lab and result in the same positive outcome for you. Instead of having to watch what you eat and drink, or wait for your body to naturally produce it, you could supplement your body with a moisturizer which contains Na-PCA and receive the same benefits.

Life Priority owner, Greg Pryor, explains that glucosamine (an amino sugar) is found in the body because we create it from the food we eat and is essential for cartilage and joints. This would be an example of a natural ingredient; however, you can extract that same molecule and use it for supplements. Glucosamine can be processed from crustaceans in a three-step process. Even though it’s extracted using science, our body doesn’t differentiate between the two forms because they both have the same molecular structure. Therefore, an argument can be made there is no real difference between natural and synthetic.

The same can be said for other ingredients as well. Vitamin C is a well-known vitamin that everyone focuses on to a great extent. All-natural Vitamin C can be obtained and ingested through our diets, but to obtain the adequate amount if Vitamin C could require sacrifices you’re not willing to make. So, there are Vitamin C supplements that can help us reach our target amount and stay healthy. Of course, not all supplements and their ingredients are made equal, so you should always exercise caution and prudence when choosing a nutritional supplement. Here at Life Priority, we believe that high quality lab created supplements are extremely beneficial to your and your health, because you can remove any environmental toxins.

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