Green Machine: The Power of a Simple Green Smoothie

how to make a green smoothie At first glance (okay, maybe also at second and third) green smoothies can look like the most unappealing thing that you would ever want to ingest, but it may be time to reconsider. Sure, they don’t look delicious, but in reality they can be, and best of all, they pack a nutritious punch. A green smoothie can be your one stop, portable meal that fulfills most of your essential nutrient needs. Here, we highlight a mild recipe for all of you novice smoothie drinkers out there. With tropical fruit to naturally sweeten up the bitterness of the spinach, you would never know that this would be considered healthy. We have also included a scoop of Whey of Life for some added protein. Don’t worry the protein powder won’t alter the taste of your smoothie because our product is flavorless!

Using spinach as the base, you will be supplied with a strong dose of Vitamin K and iron, both of which are great for bone health, heart health, and hair and nail strength. Also, Vitamin K has been known to have anticancer properties . Throw in some bananas for a potassium boost and the pineapple and mango provide you with a Vitamin C cocktail to keep your immune system in check. The added Whey of Life protein will help in re-building your lean muscle mass and equip you with an energy “pick-me-up”. Not to mention, the protein will fill you up and make your smoothie meal seem satisfying.

When purchasing your ingredients consider visiting your local farmer’s markets. Locally sourced produce tends to be healthier and fresher. Many farmers participating in farmer’s markets often use organic farming methods to grow their products, so you have a better chance of purchasing foods that are void of chemicals and other unsafe modifications. These fresher options taste better overall ensuring that your smoothie will taste great no matter how green and unappealing it may look. Remember, green is good! Now all you need is a blender, try our recipe below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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