Aspirin Just Masks Joint Pain, Doesn’t Fix It

Aspirin and pain killers flood the advertising market and span a large amount of commercial time on television. Everyone experiences pain from headaches and injuries, but the irritation from joint pain could be a more serious problem; one that simple aspirins can’t fix. Besides, how often do people have to take multiple aspirins to relieve pain that eventually comes back? Why continue to mask the pain, when the problem could potentially be corrected?

Using aspirin and pain killers to suppress the discomfort works for a while, but the core of the problem could be a degeneration of cartilage. Most people fear surgery or extensive rehabilitation, but using a supplement could help that process.

Glucosamine helps repair and reproduce damaged cartilage. Knees, ankles and wrists are common areas where damaged cartilage causes pain and discomfort. These are very important areas of our bodies because they deal with a lot of impact and perform many daily functions. Sometimes rolling out of bed is daunting because people know as soon as their feet touch the floor, the daily grind, responsibilities and nagging body pains that go with it will commence, but we shouldn’t have to fear those things or mask our pain with pills that don’t solve the issue.

JOINT DECISION – Joint Support Joint Decision is a supplement offered by Life Priority since 1995,  that uses glucosamine hcl as a main ingredient to support and help repair the damaged area. Repairing the cartilage can help provide the cushion we need for our joints to work without excess friction and pain. Having that cushion is vital to our daily function and can vastly decrease our pain levels.

After more than 10 years of research and clinical studies, Luke Bucci, Ph.D, wrote the book Pain Free: The Definitive Guide to Healing Arthritis, Low-Back Pain, and Sports Injuries Through Nutrition and Supplements which chronicles the value of glucosamine and how it may help you find lasting relief from joint pain. So don’t just cover-up the pain with countless aspirins, correct it by adding glucosamine to your diet and feel the results.

To your health!

Greg Pryor, Life Priority Owner, with “Pain Free” author Luke Bucci


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