Improving lives a priority for former Royal Greg Pryor: by Jeff Deters

Greg Pryor has been retired from baseball for nearly 30 years, but he’s still involved in the game he loves in a unique way.

Pryor, who served as a backup infielder for the Kansas City Royals from 1982 to spring training of 1987, owns and operates Life Priority (, a health and nutrition company that’s geared toward improving ones physical fitness and mental health. The company offers scientifically-formulated nutritional supplements and has been in business since 1994. Its clientele includes everyone from pro athletes to umpires to normal people looking to better their lives. 4 essential supplements With all the advances in science and health since he retired, Pryor said he would have liked to have had that knowledge back when he played.

“There are so many things that an athlete can do now to improve their performance both mentally and physically that were not available to athletes in my era,” Pryor said. “And it wasn’t that they weren’t available, it was that we just didn’t know about them… see the full article, visit The Topeka Capital-Journal or follow the link below.



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