Lift … as a Verb

Guest article by Pam Houston , small business owner CollegiateCamo, wife, mother and pharmaceutical sale rep.

I was wondering how the name “Lift Caps” came to be. I was thinking today about this when I realized my noon dose of Lift Caps were at home and not in my car where I tend to do most of my work!

Boy did I hit a low today, and it reminded me how important my Lift Caps are to my personal well-being. I wondered how crazy it must be for those “high” on caffeine or other drugs (yes, caffeine is a drug!). In fact, do a quick internet search and you will see that caffeine is the most widely used drug in the world.

I can’t tell you that I am without caffeine entirely, but tend to drink less when I take my Lift Caps. I’ve never been addicted to anything except little food cravings when I am trying to avoid extra calories. All I know is that it must be a horrible feeling to believe that in order to get through the day, you need a means of “staying up.” 

While Life Caps contain about as much caffeine as a single cup of coffee, it’s not the caffeine alone that makes this product work so well. For those of us that like to get our energy from a reliable, healthy, safe means, Lift Caps can be the answer.

So back to the name. A dictionary search tells us that, as a verb, this is what “lift” means:

  • to go up; yield to upward pressure. (The box is too heavy to lift. The lid won’t lift..)
  • to pull or strain upward in the effort to raise something. (To lift at a heavy weight.)
  • to move upward or rise; rise and disperse, as clouds or fog. (Of rain, to stop temporarily.)
  • to rise to view above the horizon when approached, as land seen from the sea.
  • a feeling of exaltation or uplift

Hmm… a pretty good description of the name of an amazing “designer food,” if you ask me!

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