June and Men’s Health!

This month we are all taking time out to honor the important men in our lives by celebrating Father’s Day. At Life Priority we encourage you to It’s known fact most men only go to the doctor when they are sick. This creates the generalization that men are too casual about their health. recognize the DAD’S and male role models who have coached us, encouraged us, loved us, and provided for us.taught us and protected us.  At Life Priority want to express our sincere gratitude  and take June as special month to focus on Men’s health. We all need support and encouragement so help are our top tips to support those special DAD”S and role models.

At Life Priority, our mission is health, and we can’t think of any better gift to give our dads than that of increased wellness and energy. That’s why this month we are offering a few men’s health tips that can help fathers enjoy their families for years to come!

1. Don’t smoke. By now this should go without saying, but many men still cling to the cigarette habit. Unfortunately, smoking dramatically increases your risk for heart disease, cancer and a number of other diseases and is responsible for one in five deaths in the United States every year. Dads, if you want to be around to enjoy your family, give yourself the gift of kicking the smoking habit!

2. Watch your weight. This so much more than just about looking good. Maintaining a healthy weight increases your quality of life by giving you energy, decreasing your risk of death and disease and by helping ward off depression. Find ways to incorporate more healthy foods into your diet in place of junk foods and make time for regular exercise.

3. Drink wisely. There are so many benefits to limiting alcohol intake to a moderate level that we could write another blog entirely on this subject. Excessive alcohol increases your risk for disease, depression, accidents and social irresponsibility. And, of course, by not limiting your alcohol, you also run the risk of addiction. Don’t put yourself or your family in that situation. Limit yourself to, at most, one or two standard-sized drinks per day.

4. Get checked out. While it’s not fun, it’s still necessary to see your doctor regularly and be screened for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and common cancers. Early detection is particularly key when it comes to colon and prostate cancer, so don’t put this on the backburner. Bite the bullet and get on your doctor’s calendar!

5. Take your vitamins! While they’re not an excuse to avoid healthy foods, common multivitamins and supplements can go a long way in preventing health problems. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your specific needs and what vitamins and supplements would be right for you based on lifestyle and family history.

They say that the best gifts in life are free, and we believe that’s true—especially when it comes to health. If you are a dad or just hope to become one someday, give yourself a great Father’s Day gift by choosing to take care of your health. Wellness is the kind of present that will keep on giving long after the golf clubs or neckties have lost their appeal. So take our advice and choose to live a full, fit life. And, if there’s any way we at Life Priority can help you get started and stay on track, call us today!

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