Honoring Our Men and Father Figures

Summer has arrived. The days are longer, and it’s time to relax and spend more hours outdoors. It’s also a great time to evaluate your health regimen, especially if you are “a man on the go.”


So, gents, ask yourself this: “Am I taking care of myself?”


Sooner or later, all men are faced with working a bit harder to stay in shape. You might have concerns about maintaining prostate health, sexual performance, flexible joints, and lean muscle mass . . . not to mention staying balanced at work, play and everyday life.

We at Life Priority would like to honor all men by showing you how to rev up your health regimen. In consideration of the special health needs of men we offer Prostate Priority, Muscle Memory and Total Joint Complex— designed with special herbs, amino acids and other nutrients to support your lifestyle and protect your health.

Prostate health

Did you know that if you are a man living in the United States it’s almost inevitable you’ll eventually have to face prostate problems? The prostate gland is about the size of a walnut and sits just below the bladder, in front of the rectum. It has the important job of producing the milky fluid that becomes part of semen. And in this case, size does matter because when the prostate becomes enlarged you have to deal with annoying and sometimes painful symptoms.

Maybe you already have some of the symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland.

Do you:

* Get up several times during the night to go to the bathroom?

* Have trouble getting your “stream” to start?

* Are on a constant lookout for the men’s room?

* Need to “go” so urgently you can’t wait?

* Feel like you haven’t emptied your bladder completely after urinating?

* Strain in order to urinate?

* Suffer from the devastating embarrassment of incontinence?


Life Priority’s Prostate Priority™ can help!


What exactly is an enlarged prostate gland?

The prostate gland begins to grow in most males after they reach 40 years of age because DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a potent form of the male hormone testosterone, increases in the body. Testosterone is produced by the testicles and the adrenal glands and DHT accumulates in the prostate, causing prostate cells to rapidly divide. This overgrowth of prostate tissue compresses the urethra and slows or even stops the flow of urine in a similar way that a bent garden hose inhibits the flow of water. The occurs in 75 percent of men over 60 and sometimes the enlargement is the result of a more serious nature.

Take care of your health today

Prostate Priority™ contains the saw palmetto berry used in Europe since the 1970’s. The berry is derived from a small palm tree native to the Atlantic Coast of North America. Native Americans consumed its olive-sized berries as a normal part of their diet and brewed it as a tea for urinary and sexual problems. Today, numerous studies have found that saw palmetto contains fatty acids and sterols effective in balancing male hormones, supporting testicular functions, and relieving prostate discomfort.

Saw Palmetto provides a number of powerful health benefits by:

  • Reducing the level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by blocking its receptor sites in the prostate, and by inhibiting enzymes necessary for DHT conversion.
  • Helping shrink over-grown prostate tissue without bothersome side effects.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Supports prostate and reproductive health with cutting-edge nutrients
  • Helps protect against excess estrogen levels
  • Promotes healthy prostate size and structure
  • Inhibits undesirable cell division changes
  • Supports healthy urinary patterns and flow

What man doesn’t want a strong erection?

L-Arginine – is an amino acid that is involved in the production of nitric oxide, a chemical released by the blood that helps the muscles in the penis to relax. This, in turn, allows healthy blood flow in order to sustain a healthy erection.

But it does much more! When taken as a nutritional supplement l-arginine helps increase growth hormone levels. Here’s how: The hypothalamus manufactures two biochemicals that regulate the amount of growth hormone released by the pituitary gland. One biochemical stimulates growth hormone production and the other serves to put on the brakes. l-Arginine works to decrease the amount of the “braking” biochemical produced by the pituitary. In turn, this increases the amount of the stimulating hormone reaching the pituitary and causes an increase in growth hormone release.

The benefits of Growth Hormone Factor

Optimal levels of growth hormone are associated with deeper sleep, more energy throughout the day, increased exercise strength and/or endurance, faster hair and nail growth, a general attitude improvement, and a feeling of well-being. Not bad!

Additionally, when Life Priority’s New Improved Muscle Memory™, which contains 6 grams of arginine per serving, is taken along with choline and B-5, it helps you build lean muscle mass by maintaining a youthful ratio of muscle to fat. This effect is sometimes called “protein sparing” because growth hormone tends to protect body protein from being used as an energy source.

Life Priority’s New Improved Muscle Memory™ is an excellent supplement to add to your regimen to help you maintain a lean muscular physique, enhance healthy aging, and to support your vitality, youthfulness, and overall physical fitness.

By the way, this product is not just for men. It also benefits women. It works to increase growth hormone factor, and the l-arginine works as a pro-sexual supplement helping women to achieve orgasm more easily.

Try these salmon burgers instead of the usual beef burgers. They are full of EFAs (essential fatty acids) which are good for your joints, your brain and your heart. For added insurance that you are getting the recommended daily allowance of EFAs, take Life Priority’s Omega-3 Priority.


Easy Salmon Burgers (serves 4)

  • 1 pound salmon fillet
  • 1/2 cup Panko style crumbs (If you are gluten free, substitute almond meal) be substituted 1 egg – slightly beaten
  • 1/2 cup chopped yellow onion
  • ½ cup chopped red pepper
  • 1 tsp dill weed
  • 1/3 tsp black pepper


  1. Remove skin from salmon fillet and chop salmon into small pieces or mince.
  2. Add minced salmon and remaining ingredients to bowl and combine.
  3. Careful not to over handle.
  4. Form into 3 large or 4 small patties about 1/2 inch thick
  5. Heat grill pan or BBQ to medium to medium high.
  6. Cook 4 minutes on each side or until completely cooked through and center feels slightly firm.
  7. These cook fast – be careful not to overcook or they will become dry.

Serve on a Brioche bun with arugula, onion, pickle, tomato, mustard, ketchup, etc. The choice is yours.

Joint health

Do you get stiff after rough-housing with the kids, being a weekend warrior, or just sitting at your desk all day?

You have about 230 joints in your body. They are responsible for keeping you vertical and mobile. An active life style can be hard on overused joint, but a sedentary lifestyle can be even more harmful.  Exercise keeps us healthy and limber but inevitably increases the wear and tear on our joints. Additionally, repetitive motion at a job and inactivity after work can cause joints, tendons, and muscles to atrophy or become weak.

Bones and connective tissue are made of both minerals and proteins which give them strength and elasticity. As we age our bones tend to lose minerals and our connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, cartilage) loses structural proteins.

Hundreds of studies have shown that glucosamine and chondroitin can provide joint support naturally and may be a great alternative to traditional therapies that can lead to undesirable side effects.

Life Priority’s formulators designed a joint supplement to help you no matter what your lifestyle is. We’ve combined glucosamine and chondroitin with four other natural ingredients —MSM, Boswellia serrata, Bromelain and Turmeric—that also have scientific and anecdotal evidence showing how they can protect joint health and keep you moving today . . . and, hopefully, years from now.

Your joints move and flex all day, every day.  With wear and tear, aging, and possible injury, it is important to provide the best nutritional foundation for these complex components of your musculoskeletal system.  Your joints deserve the best nutrition and protection science and nature can offer.

Take advantage of Life Priority’s nutritional supplements to target the areas of your health that can use all the support they can get.

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