A Mother’s Love: The Driving Force Behind Life Priority

Testimonies by Paige, Storey, and Hailey Pryor, daughters of Life Priority owner, Michelle Pryor

“The month of May has grown sweeter to me, not because I’ve become a Mother myself, but because I’ve watched my Mother become a Grandmother.  I just wish she were with me everyday to remind my kids to take their vitamins.  I attribute my Mother for instilling the knowledge of supplementation and healthy living in me.  My parents’ passion for health and helping people makes me so proud and they talk about their customers as our own family.  Thank you for supporting Life Priority and our family.” – Paige Cook, Michelle’s 1st born

“My mom is one of the most selfless, passionate, nurturing, loving women on the planet – which is certainly why she is the rock of the Pryor family, and it goes without saying, the driving force behind Life Priority. I feel tremendously blessed that my parents created this company to provide the world’s finest health and wellness supplements. My Mom lives and breathes every single product, and is determined to share this incredible company with the world. Thank you for your commitment to your health, and supporting Life Priority over the few decades. There is so much heart and soul in this company, and we are proud you’re a part of our family!” – Storey Pryor, Favorite Daughter

“Most people who cross paths with Michelle Pryor (my mother) are quick to understand the raw and genuine nature of her spirit. I am so grateful to have been raised by a mother with unwavering moral and ethical beliefs. I cannot think of a truer inspiration to have been raised by. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to adopt some of her most redeeming qualities. You will hear her say, “your health is your most valuable asset” – which I cannot agree with more. I am so thankful that her interest in health and vitamins trickled down into us (her daughters). She truly does care about the well being of others, including all our loyal and valuable customers.” – Hailey Pryor, the baby

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