New Year, New You – Why People Fail at Exercise Resolutions

Do you ever make New Year’s resolutions regarding your exercise routine only to watch them go by the wayside within a few weeks?  As a personal trainer, this was the most common issue that I would encounter with my clients. It would be the actual sticking to an activity.

Why People Fail at Exercise Resolutions

The truth is that most people don’t stick to an exercise routine because we simply don’t enjoy it.  I would get asked time and again, “What is the best exercise?” Over the years I can only say this.  The BEST exercise for YOU is the exercise that you are going to stick with because you actually enjoy it!

What good is your gym membership if you simply don’t like going the gym?  What good is your treadmill if it has now become an apparatus to hang up your clothes?  I know, I have been there! I have had that elliptical machine in my home only to find myself staring at it every day but not actually getting on it.  The truth is that I did not enjoy it. I was bored.



Finding the Right Fitness Goals for You

Over the years I can say I have tried almost every exercise known to man as well as the latest fads or exercise gadgets.  At one point, I decided that I was going to become a runner, but I was over-training and ended up blowing out both knees and my back.

This is not to say that running is bad for everyone, but according to my doctor, it’s bad for me. Years of competitive gymnastics have left me with some injuries to body parts that scream at me to stop when I try to run long distances.  I have also tried Zumba, weight training, cycling, triathlons, boot camp, strange devices to put on the bottom of your shoes and jump around, etc.  You get the idea.

What I have found is this. Every body type is different making certain exercises enjoyable for some and not so enjoyable for others.  Why is it easy for some of my friends who, at the age of 45, have decided to run marathons while they fly through the air like a gazelle yet I find it boring and hard on my joints? Just because every body is different, and what may bore you to tears is fun and interesting to others.

Turn the Corner on New Year’s Resolutions

Folks, this year, I encourage you to do an activity that you enjoy so you are more inclined to stick with it.  The goal is to keep moving.  Whether you love to fast-walk through the mall for an hour every day, or you have a passion for extreme skiing, have at it (just be careful)! I happen to love to go to Boot Camp at 5:30am. Who knew?  Not me, for the longest time.  Pick something you actually like!  Exercise does not have to be boring or dreadful.


Some suggestions for you for you in the New Year:

  •  Try some resistance training or lift something semi-heavy.  Resistance training is important to maintain bone health and muscle mass as we age.  Even if it’s just doing some push-ups, lunges or using some slightly heavy weights in your home in front of the TV!
  • Try to break a sweat-every day.  Try to sweat for at least 30 minutes even if it’s just from gardening, dancing in your home or walking around your neighborhood!
  • Take your Lift.  I personally LOVE the Lift powder.  I love mixing up my drink in the morning and afternoons before my meals to help curb my appetite. The Phenylalanine in Lift can be helpful with cravings and motivation.  Occasionally, I have issues with trying to stay motivated to exercise because of my injuries.  If I drink my Lift, my mood improves and I am out the door and to the gym within 30 minutes!

Here’s to a happy and active 2018.  Stick to it by doing something you love!

Guest Post by Nicole May, Personal Trainer and daily LIFT user Life Priority Lift Powder Supplement

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