Traveling during the holiday season, especially during Thanksgiving, Christmas and The New Year, is the most expensive time to travel.

Life Priority Holiday Travel Tips

Traveling during the holiday season, especially during Thanksgiving, Christmas and The New Year, is the most expensive time to travel. Everyone has somewhere to be, and with that business, the airlines raise their prices just to keep up with the demand. Here are a few things I have learned over the years through personal experience, that you might find to be helpful during this high travel holiday season!

Plan ahead Book holiday travel early to get the best prices and fly non-stop. For those of you, who tend to procrastinate, or finding your plans changing last minute, try to search for flights at different times during the day, as well as different web sites. Since flight attendance is constantly changing, so are the prices of tickets!

Planning ahead goes beyond just booking the flights you need when you need them. Try signing up for fare alerts if you are flying. If you know your favorite airlines, sign up for their sale alerts, subscribe to newsletters and keep tabs on Twitter and other forms of media. This will allow you to take advantage of new promotions and sales the second they become available!

Since weather conditions are a concern this time of year, try to book a Non-Stop flight, and avoid getting stranded during a layover. If you do have to make a connection, try to steer clear of airports that experience frequent weather delays when picking your route.

Another good tip is to travel on off peak days. This means, that instead of heading out on a Friday or Saturday, try leaving town on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Since they are less popular days to travel, the demand is lower, and so is the potential price of the tickets!

When you’re finally ready to travel, try packing light and pack only what you really need! Also, pack some healthy snacks to avoid the overpriced unhealthy snacks in the airport. If you pack light, you can avoid checking bags; carry-on is the absolute best to dodge fees and save time while checking in. You can always buy or borrow your toiletries at your destination if you need to. Make sure your laptops and oversized electronics are convenient to get to in your carry-on bag when you go through security.

Caution: Don’t over pack your bag – you’ll avoid weight limitations, and if it is opened for inspection

Send holiday gifts ahead of time or buy online and ship them directly. If you have to bring your gifts, do not wrap them until you get to your destination; if a security officer needs to inspect a package, they may have to unwrap your gift.

Get to the airport EARLY! You can check in for your flight online at home or from your phone up to 24 hours before your flight departure time and print out your boarding pass so you can go straight to the security line. If you don’t have access to a computer or printer, you can also go to the self-check-in kiosks at the airport, which usually have shorter lines.

Don’t get to the airport at the last second, arrive 1-2 hours before departure and give yourself plenty of time as flights are overbooked around the holidays and you could get bumped.

If you do have extra time it means less stress. Be sure to pack a good book or some holiday music to keep you in the holiday spirit.

Glucosamine is a molecule manufactured by cells in our body from the food that we eat. It is a component that our bodies cannot survive without. All cartilage, regardless of where it is located in the body must have an adequate supply of glucosamine. Cartilage gets glucosamine from the synovial fluid that surrounds all of our joints.Last, but not least, be proactive and take your vitamins! I always take 2 Joint Decision capsules whenever I fly, as I find it helps me alleviate any stiffness in my muscles and joints from the flight. To stay healthy on the naturally germy plane, wash your hands and avoid touching your face or mouth and carry a small hand sanitizer.

Also, as a former flight attendant, I like to rinse my mouth out before and after flights with saltwater to help minimize any additional germs and throat discomforts during the holiday cold and flu season. I also carry throat lozenges (Zinc & vitamin C) as the air pressure can make my throat dry and scratchy. Also, drink water to keep you from becoming dehydrated while traveling.

Here’s to healthy and happy Holiday travels to you and your loved ones! Michelle Pryor

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