The Story of a #DadBoss

As a busy dad, husband, entrepreneur… and human, it’s sometimes hard to keep up! I’ve decided that the main reason it’s hard to keep up is because I’m passionate about every label that I have. Passionate about enjoying my kids’ childhood, passionate about being the husband that my wife deserves, passionate about leading my business in to the future… and passionate about consistent self-improvement! With all of these passions, it’s hard to navigate through the research… and distraction marketing… to find the best supplements on the market.

My Life Priority story started when our family’s favorite dietitian recommended Life Priority for their quality, research and results. I took her at her word and began using Life Priority’s Lift Caps, in an effort to increase my energy for daily workouts; and also to keep my energy up until my hectic life allows for bed time. Within just a week, I was already seeing increased energy throughout the day, as well as the ability to easily stay awake throughout the evening. But, what I really appreciated is that there was no extreme increase in energy… just overall energy that never spiked and stayed consistent throughout the day!

From there, I began using the Productive Sleep product! This brain-boosting recovery supplement allows my brain to heal and recharge while I sleep, even if it’s only 4 hours at times, and has proven to get me up and running many mornings that would have left me dragging before.

At this point in my story (you know, today), I’m an avid Life Priority fan! The one-per-meal lifeguard has noticeable health benefits; one of my favorites being the inclusion of niacin, offering several heart healthy affects, and so much more! As a runner, the Joint Decision that I take allows my joints to recover more quickly from tough workouts. Plus, Muscle Memory has many mood boosting and energy benefits. I enjoy each of them every day! And, if I don’t, my body quickly reminds me.

The truth is, I could go on and on! But, the one takeaway I’d like you to head over to with today is that

You have to TRY it to believe it! Just prepare to fall in love… I know I did!


-Cody B.

Olathe, KS

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