When is the Best Time to Take Your Muscle Memory?

Muscle Memory is a cutting edge arginine supplement, created from many years of science research. Little do many of us know though, is that the science isn’t just in the nutrient itself. We think, “Okay I have a new supplement, I just need to make sure I take it everyday,”–this usually ends up being first thing in the morning or right before bed for most people. This actually isn’t the correct logic when it comes to Muscle Memory consumption.

According to our Scientists-Designer Foods Creators, Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, Muscle Memory is best absorbed when taken on an empty stomach. Arginine acts as a growth hormone releaser, and when taken orally, this amino acid should be taken at least 45 minutes before consuming food. When amino acids are consumed, either by food sources or supplement sources, they must transport across our brain’s blood barrier to initiate their physiological processes. These amino acids, which are in many foods, have to essentially compete to gain transport across the blood brain barrier. When you take Muscle Memory with a meal, the arginine that you are supplementing may not access passage across the barrier because there are many other amino acids as a result from consuming a meal. By isolating the intake of arginine, this ensures that passage occurs and the growth hormone (also referred to as GH) release process, that has many anti-aging properties, occurs properly.

As aging occurs, the release of GH becomes more and more limited. A few GH release benefits include:

  • Accelerated wound healing
  • Ability to maintain strength gain
  • Improvement of skin elasticity
  • Improved immune support
  • Muscular strength
  • Kidney health
  • Relief of musculoskeletal aches and pains

The idea behind Muscle Memory is to prolong  the high spikes of GH release that we experience in our younger years. Muscle Memory isn’t a GH supplement, b MUSCLE MEMORY – 6 Grams of Arginine for Muscle Enhancement ut the arginine, choline, and vitamin B5 in the supplement naturally initiate GH’s release and all of the body’s regulatory features and processes that occur around this physiologic mechanism. In order to receive the full benefit of the GH release, Durk and Sandy suggest that Muscle Memory be taken at bedtime because about an hour and a half after you go to sleep is when the biggest GH release occurs if you are older than mid-20s. Additionally, Muscle Memory can be consumed 45 minutes before engaging in peak-output exercise. Mirroring the body’s natural GH release patterns with Muscle Memory use, allows for the best chance of accelerating this overall process and reaping all of the great, anti-aging benefits.

As Durk puts it, “Muscle Memory makes your endocrine system look like that of a younger person.”

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