Customer Testimony – Jerry Weaver

In 2005, when I turned 55 years old, my family treated me to a trip to a Kansas City Royals Fantasy Camp in Surprise, AZ.  I have been an avid baseball memorabilia collector and still enjoy playing baseball at age 72. I still play Men’s Senior baseball and travel to play in Men’s Senior baseball tournaments in Arizona and Florida each year.

While at the Royals Fantasy Camp in ’05, I met Greg Pryor, who was an infielder on the Royals World Series Championship team in 1985.  Greg and his wife, own a health and nutrition company, Life Priority at On the first day of Fantasy camp, Greg gave me a bottle of a Life Priority product called Lift Caps.  Greg said to take 2 caps on any empty stomach when I felt tired.  I followed his advice and for the last 18 years, Lift Caps has been a part of my life.  It helps me eliminate mental fatigue and, at my age, I need all of the mental energy that I can get. Lift Caps works every time!

At the end of August (’23), I will be among 60 players who will attempt to set a Guinness World Record by playing in the longest baseball game in history.  Our 2 teams of 30 players each will play baseball for 100 straight hours to set the all-time record.  See our goal is to raise donations for worthy local charities and most of our needs are being met with donations, including Life Priority.

Life Priority owners, Greg & Michelle Pryor have agreed to donate a supply of Lift Caps to each of the 60 players to help them deal with the mental and physical challenges over the 4 straight days of playing ball for 24 hours straight each day..

Thanks to Greg & Michelle and Lift Caps for helping make our quest to achieve a world record more energetic.  I love Lift Caps.  They give me the mental boost to each day.

Visit Life Priority at and order a bottle of Life Caps today!

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