Study-Can one cup of coffee contribute to overweight and obesity in men?

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Can one cup of coffee contribute to overweight and obesity in men?

Study: British Journal of Nutrition 28 Aug 2015

This is potentially big news because glucose is an important factor in our natural energy. If one cup of coffee can slow down the process of breaking down glucose, that temporary boost in energy is more costly than perceived. It could have longer lasting effects on our body that actually leave some people with less energy because the glucose in their body isn’t being broken down properly.

Almost everyone is looking for a morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up and energy drinks and coffee are usually the solution. These caffeine infused drinks can provide short-term energy, but usually lead to a crash later. At the same time, energy drinks and coffee are not the healthiest solutions to the lack of energy dilemma someone might experience.

A recent study in the United Kingdom suggests that just one cup of coffee can affect glucose metabolism. They tested overweight men and varied the amount of caffeine the men received, and the results showed that just two grams of caffeine (equivalent to one cup of coffee) can make glucose metabolism and response worse.

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