Charlene Franchetto of Southwest Greens Synthetic Company Shares Her Life Priority Story

My husband, Tony, and I have been getting great results from using Life Priority products for the last 25 years. We live in Northern California and own and operate a landscaping company, the Southwest Greens Synthetic Company. We’ve been in the business for 26 years.


Life Priority products help us stay focused and energized throughout the day! Our employees use the Life Priority products, LIFT CAPS and MIND, both of which help them during those hot days when we install synthetic lawn or landscaping. In the landscaping and synthetics business you cannot afford to make any mental mistakes.

As members of the Board of Directors at our church, Tony controls our sound board, and I am the director of Women of Worth. We could not function mentally or physically as well if we do not use our Life Priority products.

We both use LIFT, MIND, LIFESHIELD, TOTAL JOINT COMPLEX, and OMEGA-3 PRIORITY. Seriously, we use or have used all of the Life Priority products. You cannot put a price on your health. If you want to stay healthy and feel great, get on the Life Priority products and use them seriously! You won’t be disappointed.

Thank God for Michelle and Greg Pryor… and for the Life Priority products!

Charlene Franchetto

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